About Antonio Páramo

I'm a body positive artist that focus on inclusive and fat positive art.


About me

I was born and raised in Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain. As a child I drew and painted a lot – friends and family kept calling me “artista”, but I only ever drew for fun. As a teenager I was still drawing all the time, but the day I bought my first digital drawing tablet changed my life. I began drawing digital images every single day, and never looked back. I studied Illustration at the ‘Escuela Superior de Diseño’, and spent the following years involved in different design projects and collaborations. However, drawing was still my passion – and in 2013 I finally decided to commit to art as a full-time profession. In 2018 I moved to Cologne and I now live and work there as a Freelance Illustrator.

About my work

My work celebrates the beauty and bodies of the unconventional people who love who they are and don't care what others say about them. These are the kind of people I love to draw and photograph.

Both artistically and personally, I’m especially in love with plus size women and their curves, which is why they feature so prominently in my work. Draw what you love; love what you draw!

I also believe that it is my duty as an artist to send out a message of positivity - Regardless of race, sexuality, gender, size, I draw and paint as a sign of respect for the subjects of my artwork.